Selected 2015

Geoff Horst

  • Current company Algal Scientific
  • Industry Agriculture

Geoff is a co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Algal Scientific. Geoff received his B.S. (Oceanography) from the University of Michigan and an M.S. (Marine Biology) from California State University where he researched the effects of climate change on coral reefs. His Ph.D. at Michigan State University (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) focused on the nutrient physiology of toxic algal blooms. As an adjunct instructor at Michigan State University, Geoff taught courses in environmental sciences, ecology and marine/freshwater biology.

As a result of his expertise in algal biology, Geoff developed the concepts leading to the company’s Hypertrophic™ treatment process. Geoff continues to engage with the research and development team and works closely with customers and strategic partners on both the beta glucan and water treatment technologies. As company spokesperson, he presents at technical and investor forums around the country including TEDx in Detroit.

In August 2015, Geoff was selected to be an Endeavor Entrepreneur.

About Algal Scientific

Many animal producers resort to antibiotics to help increase the rate of animal growth and production. This has resulted in a rising prevalence of antibiotic resistance in human beings: in the U.S. alone there are an average of 23,000 deaths each year as a result of antibiotic resistance. Algal Scientific is leveraging the immune-boosting power of algae to support animal health and growth without the use of antibiotics. The company’s algae-based beta glucan product (AlgaMUNE™) stimulates the immune systems of animals, translating to increased growth rates and improved feed conversion ratios. The compound is most commonly found in the cell walls of yeast; however, the extraction process is extremely costly, rendering it virtually useless as a widely adopted solution. During the course of his PhD D studies, Algal Scientific founder and CEO, Geoff Horst, discovered that certain algae strains could produce beta glucan at a fraction of the cost.

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