Selected 2017

Jason Wenk

  • Current company FormulaFolios
  • Industry Fintech

Jason’s drive and determination can be seen in all facets of his business and his influence shines through his staff. Employee retention is extremely high at FormulaFolios – several key members having had been with the company from the beginning.

Jason works hard to ensure his staff is happy with their work. His open-minded attitude combined with a hyper-focused work style sets a prime example that resonates with his team. Although working primarily off-site from his corporate headquarters, the company has seen tremendous growth thanks to the precedent he has set, not in a micro-managed workforce. He trusts his staff and in turn they trust in his leadership. He believes in an open work culture where ideas are shared freely and valued equally.

Most recently he started the Doing Good initiative at FormulaFolios. This initiative calls for FormulaFolios to become better – ethically, socially, and financially. By the end of the year the company will become Wagemark Certified – setting a company-wide minimum wage and reducing salaries of the top earners where necessary. They’re also working hard to become a Certified B Corp, join 1% For the Planet, and establish a culture of volunteerism; allowing up to 2% of all paid work hours to be donated to a local cause of the employee’s choosing.

At the crux of his company is the idea that there’s a smarter way to do things. He believes strongly in a calculated approach focused on long-term stability and holistic health, both in life and business. In an industry often dominated by the bottom line, Jason has managed to grow his company with a focus on offering clients, business partners, and his staff down-to-earth, personalized attention.

Jason Wenk, CEO details:

“We’re the personal investment vehicle you’ll never hear about, and that’s what we want. Our job is to make the advisor the star.”

About FormulaFolios

FormulaFolios is an investment firm with an obsession for doing good. Doing good by their clients, doing good in their community, doing good for each other, and doing good for their industry.

FormulaFolios believes there’s a smarter way to invest. Their portfolios make decisions based on proven, academic research to remove emotion from investing. They use smart formulas to help automate good decisions, while simultaneously avoiding bad decisions.

FormulaFolios aims to offer clients what they want most: proactive and easy-to-understand updates, safety, steady performance, world-class money managers, simplicity, and low costs. This approach has made for explosive growth, ranking them the #10 fastest-growing private company in the country per Inc. 500 magazine.

By making the platform available exclusively to professional financial advisors, FormulaFolios ensures investors get the powerful combination of next-generation money management with a personal financial advisor. They’ve been described as the “robo advisor for financial advisors.”


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