Selected 2016

Jessie James

  • Current company DROUGHT
  • Industry Food & Beverage

Jessie worked as a hairstylist between Detroit and New York City for 10 years before changing gears and starting DROUGHT with sisters. With a career in customer service, Jessie mastered the art of turning a service into an experience. She currently resides in Ferndale with her Wife and daughter and focuses on the overall Business Development of DROUGHT.

In December 2016, Jessie was selected to be an Endeavor Entrepreneur.


As Michigan’s first and leading cold-press juicery, DROUGHT satisfies consumers’ thirst for healthy, convenient and organic nutrition. DROUGHT packs 3-5 pounds of raw produce in every one of its juices, providing consumers with a readily available nutraceutical beverage without the hassle of juicing at home. DROUGHT differentiates itself from competitors by appealing to a wider customer base through strategic branding efforts and a wide range of product flavors. It is one of only a handful of companies to have successfully navigated the wholesale regulations of raw juice and therefore is in an excellent position to grow at a rapid rate.

DROUGHT is an all-female owned business, founded and operated by four sisters from Detroit. In late 2010, the James sisters came together with a collective longing to take control of their lives and create a meaningful living for themselves. DROUGHT was built on sweat equity and ingenuity — the adult sisters moved back in with their parents and poured all of their time and resources into building their business. The timing was perfect as a healthy outlet was long overdue in the Midwest, and DROUGHT was born.

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