Selected 2018

Robin McIntosh

  • Current company Workit Health
  • Country Detroit
  • Industry Healthtech

Robin McIntosh is an award-winning designer, author and social impact entrepreneur. She has founded multiple companies, and has worked across startups, brands, and business communities over the past decade, with a focus on the arts, health and wellness.

Currently, she serves as co-founder and co-CEO of Workit Health, where she develops digital therapeutic programs and precision prevention models for addiction recovery and wellness.

About Workit Health

Workit Health is an online addiction care telemedicine program that provides home-based detox and rehab services. Workit Health guides individuals from high-risk substance use to a healthy thriving lifestyle through a 90-day program of weekly interactive lessons, tailored content and personalized interactions with coaches and clinicians. We also provide medically assisted treatment for drug and alcohol abuse recovery support.

Work with Robin

Learn more about career opportunities at Workit Health on the company’s career page.


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