Selected 2017

Ryan MacVoy

  • Current company DWM Holdings
  • Industry Smart Cities

Ryan MacVoy is a passionate entrepreneur who is extremely excited about the potential each new day represents. The amazing people with whom he is fortunate enough to work with are the reason why his team is able to capitalize on this potential. By leveraging leading-edge technology, Ryan and his team are constantly striving to improve the manufacturing process and partner experience for each of our DWM brand companies.

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.”
—Seth Godin

Ryan’s first foray into business was as a Cutco Cutlery salesperson as a teenager—an experience that proved the reward of his entrepreneurial spirit. This spirit was galvanized by the additional sales and management positions to follow. After receiving his B.B.A in Marketing from Western Michigan University, he headed west to Lake Tahoe, California. The mountains and deep snow drew me to Squaw Valley where he became an award-winning member of the Squaw Valley Ski School. The snowfall slowed and he eventually made his way back to Michigan, taking an active role learning the operations at DWM Holdings. Having worked his way through the different areas of the business and brand companies, he has held his current position of CEO since 2012.

About DWM Holdings

DWM Holdings’ four brands manufacture steel and aluminum light poles for the commercial and industrial market. DWM Holdings leverages innovative technology solutions and is overhauling the standards for company culture in the manufacturing space to streamline antiquated processes and offer a seamless ordering experience. Today the company boasts 86% on-time deliveries (vs. industry average of 75% and an increase from ~65% for DWM) and its lead-time average is 3.8 weeks (vs. 4-8 week industry average and historical average of ~6 weeks for DWM), producing a partner satisfaction rate of 4.6 out of 5.

DWM Holdings is the umbrella company for a portfolio of light pole manufacturing brands: United Lighting Standards; General Structures, Inc.; Lyte Poles; and UniPost Systems. The business was founded by Douglas William MacVoy in 1971. Since that time, it has grown both with and ahead of the lighting industry — all of which has shaped a company steeped in a rich tradition of developing outstanding partnerships.

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