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Ryan Vaughn

  • Current company VNN
  • Industry Media

Ryan Vaughn is the co-founder of VNN, the largest and fastest growing network connecting people around their school sports.  VNN’s product is a turnkey content production platform for high school and middle school sports, which facilitates the digital communication of over 1,800 schools nationwide.  As a company, VNN employs over 90 people throughout 40 states, each of whom has a personal relationship with sports and technology.

Ryan’s expertise lies in sales & product management, digital marketing, human-centered design and fundraising.  Ryan has a BFA in Creative Writing from Western Michigan University, a MS in Communications from Grand Valley State University, and is a graduate of the New North School of Human Centered Design.

About VNN

VNN is the largest and fastest growing high school sports marketing platform in the country. As the exclusive web/mobile platform for over 7 million passionate fans across 40+ states (adding 8,000 fans daily), VNN is rapidly aggregating the fragmented, multi-billion dollar high school sports market onto an intelligent platform that enables VNN to generate revenue through nearly every aspect of a family’s engagement with school sports.

Work with Ryan

Learn more about career opportunities at VNN on the company’s career page.

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