Randy Johnson

Romeo RIM

Manufacturing based career and experienced in all disciplines of leading a world class company including Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Design and Manufacturing Engineering, Program Management, and Operations in both cost center operations as well as P&L operations. Worked in the consulting field supporting activities for financial due diligence, troubled supplier assessment and wind-down recommendations.

His goal in any organization is to develop strong leaders, augment their skills, and give them the freedom to drive excellence in the organization. Leading through people and creating a trusting personal relationship has been the key to his success. Goal based and frequent review of performance targets is important, but working the trend in performance creates sustainability – profitability follows. He believes transparency, openness, and rewarding action based professionals is core; constructive conflict is healthy; and communications with workforce associates is absolutely key.

Specialties: Automotive supply chain, lean trained and experienced, project Management based continuous improvement, financial and operational due diligence, and managing shareholder expectations.

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