Robert Wolfe

Robert Wolfe is the founder and former CEO of Moosejaw and CrowdRise.

Robert started Moosejaw in a tiny shop ​when he had really big hair ​and, along with a lot of people who are taller than him, turned Moosejaw into the world​’​s leading special outdoor retailer. Moosejaw focused on making retail and e-commerce fun and engaging and also pressed their own Moosejaw brand products, selling millions of Moosejaw tee shirts​ and ​hoodies and maybe even one mock turtle neck back in the day. Moosejaw took a lot of crazy risks with marketing and product, ultimately attracting a ​massive ​college-age demographic.  Despite being foolish and even polarizing every once in a while, Moosejaw was acquired by Walmart in 2017. ​No one can believe it but it’s true.​

Robert wanted to make sure he had some sort of decent impact, so along with his smarter brother, Jeffrey, Shauna Robertson and actor and philanthropist, Edward Norton, he launched CrowdRise. CrowdRise is focused on making giving back notable, cool and social. The idea is that, if you like giving back, you’ll help the causes your passionate about more deeply and more frequently. You’re, not your. CrowdRise became the world​’​s leader in fundrais​ing​ for non-profits and, in 2017, CrowdRise was acquired by GoFundMe.

Even though Robert claims to have no idea what he’s doing, he’s won all sorts of awards. But, publicly he only talks about his Honorable Mention for Best Breakdancer Using an Old School Cardboard Mat.

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